Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crossing the Threshold

What's this?  Could it be?  Why yes, my favorite social worker, it is

I finally installed the threshold between our hardwood in the hallway and the marble tile floor J months ago.  While I didn't really notice it not being there, I have to confess that I love having it in place.  I've pointed it out to J more times in the past two days than either of us would care to count.  I puposefully change my gait so my foot can step on it as I enter or exit the bathroom.  It's a little out of hand, but I'm wallowing in the blissfulness of it while it lasts.

Oh, worth pointing out that Zep does not like the new threshold.  Turns out it is just the perfect little ramp for tennis balls to roll into the bathroom and most frequently under the vanity.  Zep hates to step onto the tile floor, so the new threshold is not a happy development for him, at all.

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Becky said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks fabulous, my dear - can't wait to see it in person ;)