Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Come and see...

J and I taught Children's Chapel on Sunday.  Well, let me make that more clear...I tried to teach and J provided crowd control.  We must have been pretty successful, since a mom told me today that her second grader told her all about the lesson, and he actually got it pretty close to right.  Anyhow, the Gospel reading for Sunday was John 1:43-51.  In Children's Chapel we sort of paraphrase the Gospel reading in terms the kids can understand, then try to relate it to something the kids understand.  This lesson turned into something along the lines of "Jesus was friends with Phillip and he asked him to come help spread the message, and Phillip asked his friend Nathanael to come help, too.  Nathanael didn't know Jesus, but Phillip convinced him to come anyway, and then they all became friends."  Then, to be sure everyone got the message, we pulled out the crayons and paper and drew the story.  J was pretty proud of his (cloud by the second grader mentioned above).
That's Jesus on the left (the purple robe is J's attempt at symbolism in crayon) and Phillip in the center pulling in Nathanael's boat.  In another turn at symbolism, Nathanael is only partly showing as a symbol for his hesitation to get involved with this Jesus character.  J's picture, and mine, are up on my bulletin board at work.  We're that proud.

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