Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unplanned Outages

If you dropped by Friday (or dropped by any other Blogger blog), you know that Blogger experienced some sort of outage that started Thursday afternoon and ran through Friday.  It's strange, but that outage, imposed by Blogger, was enough to knock me off the roll I've been on.  For the first time this year, we missed a posting.  Then, when Blogger came back online Friday, I was completely confused--should I get up a Friday post?  Prep Saturday's post?  Obviously, I did neither.  I prepped for a meeting today instead, and I felt good about that.  I think I see now why some bloggers take breaks.  Maybe, after almost 150 straight posts (minus a stray post here or there when J took over), I needed a couple days break.  J mentioned earlier that he might want to blog in tomorrow's Free-Style Sunday spot, so I'll be back Monday with a new MPMonday post.  Have a great weekend!

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