Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday smells like... GF Chocolate Cake

Today's post is a two-parter, which is to say that I'm writing it early in anticipation of a pretty yummy smelling flourless chocolate cake (Gluten Free by it's very flour-less nature) that I'll be baking this morning.   This is my first attempt at a GF cake that doesn't start as a mix.  No offense to Pamela, as she's still my go-to girl for GF cake (and pancake) mix, but I always want to try new things. So come back later for pictures and details!

P.S.  I realized as I started this post that yesterday marked our 250th post here at the MP.  Woohoo!  Hard to believe that 150 of those have been since October (when we marked 100 posts). 

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