Monday, May 23, 2011

Let there be light!

Specifically, let there be someone out there who can find a bathroom light for us!!  I've been looking for a new light to put up over our vanity, and just haven't been having much luck.  Solution?  Turn to our readers for some suggestions.  Please take a look at the fixtures we have already and leave your suggestions (links are much appreciated, but general websites and names to google works, too)!

So here is the hole we're looking to turn into a light fixture:

And these are the fixtures we're looking to accomodate (bad lighting/iPhone camera usage has the colors all off, but they do actually match in person):

The towel bars--

The sink faucet (a little on the modern side in terms of what we're looking for, but the finish was right)--

The drawer pulls on our vanity--

So there you have it.  Please help!!

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D. Harris said...

Here are some I found doing a quick google search. Maybe you can get some ideas here.