Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting closer...

Thanks so much for your comments about the lighting fixture in the bathroom!  I've looked at several, and we've even managed to narrow down what we're looking for.  Cross your fingers on that one! 

In other bathroom related news, the artwork for above the toilet is at the framing shop and will be ready to pick up next week.  I've been back and forth on whether to hang a print we bought in San Francisco six years ago or to put up glass shelves in that space.  When I couldn't find shelf brackets I could live with for less than $50 per shelf (and of course I wanted two or three), not to mention that I didn't find any I really liked, I decided maybe it was a sign.  Since the print we're hanging is pretty much a sunk cost at this point, I just needed to find a framing option that cost less than the shelves to make it worthwhile.  Thanks to a half price sale on a frame (and one already with glass in it, too!), I've managed to get the artwork done for $50 total! 

We're almost there!

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