Friday, May 20, 2011

Fickle Friday

Okay, so it has been decided that Furnishing Friday has sort of run its course (while we've got a nice accumulation of other people's stuff, it's not a huge accumulation that can sustain itself forever).  I hope to still post one Furnishing Friday post a month to finish out the family antiques and cover some pieces that we've purchased along the way. 

The other three (or four) weeks out of the month need to be filled with something, too, though.  So, if I've been reading the stats tab correctly, we seem to have about 15-20 regular readers.  I'm counting on you guys to help us decide.  You are, after all, the reason we're writing this blog--to share and inform someone.

So.  These are two ideas I've come up with.  Let me know what you think.  Do you like these ideas?  Would you read posts about them and share them with others?  Which do you prefer?  If you don't like either, what do you want to read about on Fridays?  (Remember, I really like the topic name to somehow tie in with the day of the week--see the other daily topics at the top of this blog.)

Idea One:  Playing off of Furnishing Fridays--Family History Fridays--will dig for some family stories.  We have a binder of information the J's grandmother shared with us, and I really need to spend more time nagging my grandmothers for some good dirt, so I think this could be pretty interesting.

Idea Two:  Totally unrelated, but potentially useful for J and me--Physio Fridays--will chronicle where we are in terms of our health.  J blogged on Sunday about his running and the fact that we (well, he talked about himself, but we both are) are overweight.  We think this might bring about a bit of accountability for us to report in regularly on our progress to become heathier people.

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dad said...

Well, you could use, as you suggest, Fysical Fridays, to document your running and so forth, but think how much fun Fiscal Fridays might be: you could use it to balance your checkbooks for all the world to see! Or, Fried Fridays, to bring us all up to date on your current culinary achievements...,

Hmnnnn. Maybe not. How about "Fun Fridays", wherein you could lay our eitehr what you intend to do for fun on the upcoming weekend, or, maybe, a sort of mini-travelogue talking about the tourism/fun opportunities that exist around the Bluegrass.


Becky said...

Oh! I like your dad's idea of "Fun Fridays". You guys go and do lots of fun things (i.e. the dinner train) that I'd think you'd have lots of fodder. That's my vote. Though, considering our convo last week walking, fiscal friday might be good for you and some of us, too... ;)

Anonymous said...

I kind of liked your dad's idea of Fiscal Friday. :D
OK, why do you do Friendly Friday, where you talk about friends? Or how about F....oh never mind...that could be interesting too though.