Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Word-only Wednesday

I know. 
I've not blogged in days. 
You showed up today expecting one of two things:  a picture or another day without a post in my unexplained hiatus.  Surprise!  You get neither!  You do get an explanation though, and that's got to be worth something (something small...but something.) 
In a nutshell, I worked all day Sunday (at church and W-S), I worked much of the day Monday (at W-S) and I worked all day Tuesday  (at church).  I'm behind in practically everything, and to top it off I seem to be fighting a losing battle with some sort of viral infection (what started as an ache in the left side of my throat in the middle of the night Saturday/Sunday escalated to scratchy throat and constantly runny nose yesterday).  J and I are still doing the one car thing, so I can't really even sleep in to catch myself up because I'm up early with him.  With my mind going every direction, pinning myself down long enough to write a coherent blog post on a pre-determined theme is just beyond my capacity.  Thanks for understanding!

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