Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Off Topic Tuesday

So it's been a busy few days (who am I kidding; it's been a busy few months), and while I had posts in mind for Sunday and Monday (on Saturday we let IHOP cook for us, so there wasn't much to share then), I literally fell asleep before I could write either.  So, since I had ideas for those posts and no idea for a Tuesday Talent post, I'm going off topic.

Sunday's post (had it been written) would have been about the Christmas Pageant at church on Sunday/my Sunday School Class overnight.  We started the overnight with most of the youth at our church on Saturday evening with the pageant dress rehearsal.  Because we have a small church, every kid with any interest in participating got a role of some sort and we ended up with a little more than a dozen children aged 4 to 14 (or so).  Our pageant had two scenes.  In the first, two children set up their family nativity set, with the older child giving his version of the Christmas story.  In the second scene, the members of the nativity set 'come to life' and explain their purpose to a Power Ranger (also now alive) left behind by one of the children.  There were some hilarious lines, and the St. R children and youth did a fabulous job.  My favorite part of the process was watching one of our seventh graders bond with a four-year-old.  He completely became her shadow and I think would now go anywhere for Miss E.  I love this part of my job!  My Sunday School class (eighth and ninth graders) directed the pageant, and it was fun to really watch them grow into this role, as well.  All in all, a great experience!

Monday's post would have been about decorations for the holidays around the MP.  Now, you may remember my post several Monday's ago about getting our tree out.  I may have led you to believe the tree would be put up shortly in our living room.  Quite frankly, I kind of led myself to believe that would be the case, too.  It wasn't.  The tree stayed in the laundry room until Sunday afternoon.  I finally took the time to rearrange the room, clear out my Stella & Dot materials, and ask J to haul the tree in.  It isn't completely decorated yet, but I got the garlands on (the grapevine garland and tree-top bow went on first, followed by my new burlap ribbon--purchased before I realized that it would be this year's big thing--and finally the popcorn garland).  This year marks the twentieth year for my popcorn garland.  I'm thinking that in five more years I may just bronze it or something...

I also hung our stockings on the mantle, added string to the kitchen shutters for the many beautiful Christmas cards we've received from family and friends, and decorated a gingerbread house to use as a centerpiece on the table.  Oh, and I put our two grapevine trees in that empty corner to the left of the tree.  It's like a little forest in that corner... 

It's starting to feel a bit like Christmas around the MP!

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