Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday--December 22

This week, I'm thankful that Christmas is almost here.  Isn't that awful?  I've been trying really hard to settle into the expectation of Advent and preparation for Christmas, but the closer we get, the more steadily my hours at W-S increase and the less time I spend at home.  I'm just really, really ready to be back on my 'regular' schedule.  And with Christmas right around the corner, that means my regular schedule is right around the corner, too.

I'm thankful, too, for the opportunity that Christmas gives us to spend a little time (especially short this year) with our families and friends.  Monday night I had wonderful girl time while wrapping presents with B and sweet 'family' time with her little ones.  Tuesday night our EFM group met at one of the participants homes, which was beautifully decorated for the season. Tonight, I'm looking forward to more giftwrapping, cookie decorating, and girl time with B and K.  Travels to see our families will give me hours in the car with J, which is one of my favorite things.  And this weekend, we'll have time with our parents, siblings, and neices and nephews--all of whom are growing up entirely too quickly for such infrequent visits.

Finally, I'm thankful that this year is almost over.  I've actually pretty much enjoyed 2011 (the poor luck of the last month or two notwithstanding), but I love the idea of fresh starts.  While I feel this much more strongly in the fall, the dawn of a new year brings new opportunities, new adventures, and new goals.  I'm excited to see what 2012 holds for us.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Becky said...

I'm not sure I can adequately explain how grateful I am to you and K this week! Without the both of you, my stress level this week would have been out the roof. Which would have made everyone in my family miserable, I'm sure. So, I so appreciate you (and K!)sharing your time and talents with me this week. And I'm pretty sure that's part of what Advent is all about. So, there ya go :)