Sunday, August 28, 2011

Self Defense and Centipedes

In a nutshell, the title is my Sunday.  Well, mass amounts of drugs to make getting out of bed and moving possible (you'll read why the was necessary in Monday's post), church, a self-defense workshop with my Sunday School class, and some good girl time with friends prepping for Baby E's first birthday party (which has a Hungry Caterpillar theme), supper with J and some time curled up with J watching TV.  But really, the most important parts were the self defense workshop and the crafty-time.  (Oh, and yes, we made caterpillar themed items, but with all the feet I gave one caterpillar banner, I'm pretty sure he was morphing...and "centipede" gave me an alliterative title that caterpillar just wouldn't have...)

By the way, I'm not certain that teaching self defense to a bunch of teenagers is necessarily a good thing.  I mean, I think it's awesome that we've added some tools to their toolkits, and in four years, they're going to be relatively on their own with a whole new batch of opportunities to put themeselves in stupid situations with poor choices.  But for now, yeah...they were really more interested in chasing each other (and us) with silly string (my co-teacher's suggestion instead of practicing with real pepper spray).

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