Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Smells Like...Pesto

The other day I commented to J that our basil plant was getting a little out of control and suggested that we come up with something that would use a little.  A couple days later it hit me--pesto!  The recipe I found called for 2 cups of fresh basil leaves tightly pressed into the measuring cups.  I was shocked to find that it took almost a third of our little out of control plant to reach the two cup minimum! 

The excellent thing about pesto is how easy it is to make (why have we never done this??).  You just throw the basil, some garlic, some nuts and a little EVOO into the food processor and let it spin.  Typically I think of eating pesto with penne pasta and some chicken, but since we're still carb-free for joint meals, we roasted some spaghetti squash instead.  Then, J browned some sausage he received from a friend that day and tossed it with the pesto sauce we made.  Delicious!

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