Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Earthtainers: they make us talented at gardening!

Seriously, I never thought I'd seriously consider writing a Tuesday's Talen post about our container garden in any manner other than the tongue firmly in cheek sort. But. We've now got more than two dozen tomatoes on BOTH of our tomato plants and basil, parsley and oregano pouring out our ears. Us! The very same people who managed to remove every plant growing on our property so as not to have to care for them. WE are succesfully growing tomatoes and herbs. Yes, I'm pretty thrilled.

Now, since this new "talent" for gardening is still new to us, can anyone tell us how long it will take our tomatoes to ripen?

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Becky said...

Uh, no. I only know they're ripe, well, when they're red. I can tell you that we are just this week getting red tomatoes, big ones at least. We've been getting cherry tomatoes for more than a month, though. I know, I'm super helpful ;)