Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to write a blog post when...

...You're exhausted, had a long day and an early morning ahead?  Like this:

I've committed (and re-committed) to writing more regularly.   I know I should probably think about pre-writing posts to stockpile (how non-committal was that statement, by the way?).  I haven't.  I don't.  I think I'm doing pretty good at writing the night before (Why yes, I do consider myself talented at producing quality work under pressure...also known as procrastination.).  Because I've committed to giving you something to read, you've received something to read.  I even managed to tangentially relate it to the theme.  But that's about it.  No fabulous tutorial (though I might pull together one for the invites and banner I worked on with friends on Sunday for next week's Tuesday post), no amazing talents, no pictures of my tomato plants to convince you I have a sort-of, kind-of, not-quite-as-black, green-ish thumb.  I hope it's enough.  And even if it isn't you can count on me being back tomorrow, with something else.  Maybe even something better.

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