Sunday, June 10, 2012

A little explanation...

Last week I wrote about finishing my first needlepoint project, and my dad asked (rather pointedly) about it.  So, a little explanation--

Fr. J chose several crests, crosses, and other religious icons to be needlepointed for our Chrismon tree.  I chose St. Andrew's Cross because it was the easiest one I saw when the projects were passed out.  As you can see, the cross is a white (or silvery white, in this case) X on a blue field.

The cross is called St. Andrew's Cross because tradition holds that St. Andrew was crucified on a cross shaped like an X.  The tradition is that St. Andrew did not think he deserved to be crucified on the same style cross as Jesus.  (St. Peter was supposedly crucified on an upside down cross for the same reason.)

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And the physiology of it all, in both cases (Peter and Andrew) is that crucifixion, as uncomfortable as it was, could be made slightly less so because most people were not nailed to the cross at the feet, but rather tied, and there was a tiny step there, so a man could push himslef up slightly and catch a tiny breath occasionally. Not so, either X-style or upside- down.