Friday, June 8, 2012

Fitness Friday--June 8

Last Sunday, J asked me about the cross on my pedometer.  The explanation is easily summed up by saying it is a reminder to me that what I eat is a choice.  As I explained it, I was really proud of myself for this 'aha' moment.  This whole weight loss thing is a choice.  I choose to eat healthy (or unhealthy) amounts of food.  I choose to (or not to) exercise.  Now, you should know that I totally ate cookies this weekend.  And a cinnamon crunch bagel (my first since starting WW, though I consider it a win that I didn't eat the Krispy Kreme donut sitting next to it).

So I went off to my weigh-in on Monday proud of my "choice" realization and confident that it would be reflected in my weigh-in.  Y'all probably know better than I did where this is headed.  Turns out that figuring things out doesn't necessarily equate weight loss.  And figuring things out plus eating cookies/bagels definitely doesn't equal weight loss.

I was down about it for a while.  Then, I realized that, like what I eat and how much I exercise, my response to this is also a choice.  So I chose to get real about recording every bite I ate this week.  I've been lax the past few months; choosing to eat smaller portions, but not necessarily looking up the points or staying under my point allocation for the day.  My 'unofficial' daily weigh-ins indicate that this is a good choice.  I'll let you know next week how right (or wrong) I am about that.

WW recommended we set a summer goal for ourselves, something to strive for between now and Labor Day.  I chose my 15% weight-loss (34 pounds total; almost 8 pounds less than my "official" weight on Monday) .  Now, if I keep making good choices, I'm thinking there is a great chance I will meet that goal early.  J suggested I hold off on adjusting my goal until I meet it.  He's probably got a good point.  I'll keep you posted!

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Ally said...

I'm making my 15% my summer goal too! I also have 8 pounds to go :) We can DO THIS. *hugs*