Friday, June 22, 2012

Fitness Friday--June 22

So it's been one of those weeks where I've had something to post every day, but a longer to do list than time to finish.  That said, I'm heading to DC for DAR Continental Congress (our national convention) next week and I expect my blogging to be even more sporadic.  I figure I owe you.

Physical fitness--I made it below 200 last week!  And at Monday's check-in I was a little lower.  I'm now solidly in the 190's and a little more than 12.5% (remember, my goal for the summer is 15%).  The stress of getting everything ready to be out of the office for a week isn't doing good things for my diet, but I figure I've built in the wiggle room this summer.  I'd planned to walk every Thursday night with J this summer to help meet the goal, but three weeks in we've only done that once.  Last week we had other plans, and last night we both worked late.  Next week is out due to my travel.  I guess we'll recommit in July?

Fiscal fitness--Did you know that you can call the phone company and they'll send someone out to cut down the phone lines you don't use?  For free??  Needless to say, I didn't.  If I had, those lines (apparently we had two phone lines; thanks, PO!) would have been gone years ago!  I've got a cable company rep coming by later today to discuss options for the cable line.  J says cutting that one down is not one of the options.  I'll post pics Monday to show you how much more open that part of our deck/yard looks without the phone lines!

How are you doing on your summer fitness goals?

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