Monday, June 25, 2012

I can see clearly now!

I'm sure I've complained before about, or at least you've noticed in my exterior pictures, all of the power lines that cross over our deck.  If you don't recall, this is what it looks like:

Well, after several years, I finally found myself irritated enough to call the phone company about cutting down their line(s).  That's the line that you see coming in from the right at the bottom.  A fairly quick phone call and twelve hours later, I had Travis at my front door.  I don't think it took 30 minutes for Travis to clip the line at the pole, clip it at the house, and clean up the box.  Best part?  It was free!  

The deck felt so much more open, that I had to call the cable company to free me of the other low line (the high line is the electric, and I'm not messing with that).

It took several phone calls and about 36 hours to get Pavel (or something like that) from the cable company to come out.  He wasn't nearly as fast or accommodating as Travis.  In fast, at one point, I was ready to tell him to take his things and leave.  It took nearly two hours from actual arrival to finish (oh, did I mention he was late?  And didn't call?).  In the end, the line was moved to the other end of our deck, and it comes in straight from the back yard, so you really can't even see it from this direction, and it blends well with the trees when looking from the house. 

I've no idea how much this will cost us.  I asked twice and he gave me the runaround both times.  Needless to say, if it seems at all out of hand, the cable company will be receiving a phone call.  The one nice thing (I guess?) is that he installed a cable box and cleaned up the apparently illegal connection that was going on on the back of our house.  Who's surprised something was done incorrectly?  Oh wait, no one. Thanks, PO!

Of course now we have to paint where everything used to be...

Anyhow, that's what happened at the MP last week.  I'm off to DC for our national conference for a week, leaving J and Zep to hold down the fort.  I'll do my best to post, since I actually have some topics in mind, but I expect to get flaky toward the end of the week!

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