Friday, April 27, 2012

Fitness Friday--April 27

The last time I wrote a Fitness Friday post, I referenced being ten pounds away from a seriously exciting number at WW.  Last Monday, I made it to that point and earned my 10% key chain!  I also earned my "Stay and Succeed Award" for sticking around for 16 weeks.  While I went up a touch (half a pound) this week, yesterday I saw another new number on the scale and am still really positive about the progress I'm making.  Next goal?  15%

With respect to our fiscal fitness, J and I have settled into the two car payment reality fairly easily.  With the re-fi finally completed, we are now turning our attention to estimates for the gutters/trim.  But really, I'm just trying to survive the next couple of weekends, and then I'll think about our finances. :)

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