Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Smells Like...omelets and hamburgers

J's mom is in town this weekend, which makes it a perfect time for me to hassle him about cooking for us--both a way to show off his skills for his mom and for me to get a great Saturday Smells post!

We started the morning with omelets.  I wanted a WW friendly omelet, so mine was one egg, one slice of maple bacon and 1/4 cup shredded cheese with some green onions for color.  While I waited for my omelet, I munched on an apple that he sliced thin for me (and garnished with sea salt--yum!!). J made a huge 2 egg omelet with grilled chicken, maple bacon, toasted garlic and salsa on top for himself.  He made something in between for his mom (2 eggs, maple bacon and cheese).

As soon as we finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes, J started in on lunch.  It's been a while since he made us hamburgers out of fresh ground beef, but we had a couple pieces of manager's special beef that needed to be used.  The chuck steak and filet had been marinated in olive oil, rice wine vinegar, and soy sauce with red pepper flakes, garlic, S&P.  J cubed both pieces of meat, trimming as he went, and ground them together with butter.  Y'all.  I cannot begin to describe what fresh ground beef tastes like.  It's amazing.  And if you like your hamburgers medium-rare, like I do, you get to taste every bit of that freshness while you eat your burger.  After grinding the meat, J added homemade breadcrumbs, Worcestershire sauce,  diced bacon, liquid smoke, minced onion, one whole egg and another egg yolk, S&P and blended together with his hands.  The nice thing about the way our kitchen is set up is that his mom and I can hang out at the kitchen table and watch him like our own personal cooking show.  He's been adding great commentary for us this morning!

I'll post pics of the finished burgers later.  Happy Eating this weekend!


Anonymous said...

M-m-m-m-, m-mmm, m-mmm! That DOES look good! How many carbs?


JE Melton said...

Well, J is the only anti-carb person in the house, and he ate his wrapped in a lettuce leaf. I guess that doesn't account for the breadcrumbs in the burger, but it's still probably pretty low... It was tasty!