Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday--April 26

If Thankful Thursdays have taught me anything, it's to count my blessings.  And, since it's been a while since I shared a Thankful Thursday post with y'all, I should have loads of things to share today, right?  Unfortunately, I'm also a bit forgetful, so this will probably be a regular three-point post.

The first weekend in May, St. R celebrates 50 years since our first service.  In a fit of craziness, I suggested we hold a 5K as part of the weekend.  Remember how I used to get during Thin Mint Sprint time?  Yeeaahhh.... I don't think I'm quite as bad about Race the Rector (J might disagree), but I'm definitely in "green" mode.  I'm so thankful that he recognizes my greenness and goes with it.  It makes it a lot easier.  And that makes getting though May 5th easier.

I'm thankful, too, for our friends who not only love and support us, but who say the nicest darn things about us.

I'm also thankful for Monday morning walks.  On most Monday's I hit the walking trail in the park with B and Baby E.  The trail is 2.5 miles, but when I meet B at her house or somewhere in between, it turns into a 4.25 mile walk.  It is turning into such an easy walk, and I love how that makes me feel.  Thank goodness for friends who keep us accountable!

What are you thankful for this week?

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Becky said...

I love our walks, too. Because I know without you to hold me accountable, we wouldn't do them. But also because I love spending that time with you :)