Monday, April 30, 2012


We've been in a period of changing our habits around the MP lately.  Thanks to WW, I'm eating less and J is back on the Atkins wagon so he's not been eating much in the way of carbs.  Thanks to Lent, I am walking a lot more, though I don't know that I'd call it a habit.  Walking on Monday mornings with B has become a habit over the last couple of months that I'm thrilled to stick to.  J is trying to get into an exercise habit, too, and woke up this morning to take Zep for a run.  Let me tell you, our eleven-year-old dog is exhausted.  After 2.5 miles of running and walking with J, then 4.5 miles walking with B and me, I don't think he'll move for the rest of the day.

What habits are you forming?


Anonymous said...

Dog abuser!

Wanna borrow Bear for a few? He'll not wear out.


JE Melton said...

I'm actually pretty surprised that we have finally reached the point at which we can wear out Zep. I bet Bear would enjoy runs!