Friday, March 9, 2012

Fitness Friday--March 9

Happy Friday!

This morning I celebrated a milestone on the scale.  Now it's typical for me to see a "new" number then pop back up for a few days before getting back down to it, so I'm trying not to get too excited,  And really, I'm about ten pounds from serious excitement, but I think that adding exercise to me daily routine is helping.
Speaking of exercise, I'm up to about six miles a day.  Any bets on how many miles I'll be walking every day when Easter rolls around?  If I could figure out how to get home, I'd suggest to J that we walk to church on Sunday. Of course, I wouldn't be able to take any other steps, so maybe I should hold off on that plan until next weekend!

With regard to our fiscal fitness, we're doing okay.  With any luck we should finish up this refinance thing this month.  Why yes, it does feel like I've been saying that for months.  Anyhow, we're settling back into 'normal' spending having saved up everything we need for the refi and gotten comfortable with our new car payments.  Next up, saving up for gutters and vinyl trim on our woodwork.  Yes, I know.  We just paid to have the wood work painted.  But we paid to paint it white.  But we painted it knowing that some of it would come down for replacement when we redid the gutters.  And then I discovered in all of my walks around the neighborhood that some of the brick houses with black doors/shutters have khaki colored trim.  After one particularly long walk where I noticed a few houses like this, the white trim on our house seemed almost jarring.  So, rather than repaint all of the trim in an attempt to match factory colored gutters, I think we're just going to have everything fabricated to match.  We kicked around the idea of vinyl trim last year and decided against it because of the cost (it basically doubles the cost of the job), but now we're coming back around.  I'll keep you posted!

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