Friday, March 2, 2012

Fitness Friday--March 2

I've got two parts to share on the physical fitness front this week.
First, I'm officially 5% lighter than I was two months ago!  The star-shaped sticker that Weight Watchers hands out for reaching the 5% is even bigger than the 5lb star and looks great in my weight log.  I think my next big reward will be the key-chain I'll earn at 10% (there are a couple more 5lb stickers to earn before then, of course).  I'm so looking forward to that key-chain!
Second, I mentioned yesterday one part of my Lenten dedications.  That part is to walk every day more than I did the previous day.  On Ash Wednesday, I walked about 2500 steps.  Today, my goal is to walk 11,750 steps.  I've been amazed at how quickly my total has risen, but beautiful weather and the opportunity to take a walk with a good friend makes it easy.  Most people only think about Lent as a time to restrict something.  I'm doing that, too (no sweets!), but I really value the idea of adding something for Lent.  Adding steps is a literal interpretation, I guess, but it works for me.

From a fiscal fitness perspective, we're feeling a little more comfortable.  We've got the total necessary for closing on the refi set aside and we've finished (I hope!) paying for those extra items necessary to 'pass' the appraisal process.  It's such a relief to have only our new car payments weighing over us, rather than the laundry list of unknowns that we were dealing with for the last few months.  The next project for us is to set aside the funds for our new gutters and trim work.  Now that winter seems to be over, that project is just around the corner for us!

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