Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Crafty Weekend

It's been a while since I mentioned the cupcake topiaries that the Kentucky DAR Junior Club is making for our National Junior Luncheon this summer, but we're definitely still working on them!  Out of 6000 mini-faux-cupcakes we need, about 4500 of them are finished.  We set up workshops across the state, so this weekend I drove down to my folks (mom and dad hosted the far Western KY session).  The cupcake decorating started about 9:15 and lasted until after 4:00.  You wouldn't think cupcake decorating would be tiring, but I guess six or seven straight hours of anything would tire anyone out.

Sunday, I got back just in time to help my friend K with a craft project for her work.  She's the volunteer coordinator at a local non profit and wanted to recognize her volunteers (did you know that April is the month designated for recognizing volunteers?) with a bag of candy.  K stamped thank you cards, our friend B stuffed the bags, and I tied the two together with pretty bows.  We made about 100 bags then turned our attention to the UK game.

So I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend away from the spreadsheets.  With luck, I'll be back to regular crafty posts soon!

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