Friday, September 21, 2012

Fitness Friday--September 21

It has been a while (a long, long while--all the way back to July) since I wrote a Fitness Friday post.    To be honest, it was for a great reason.  I really didn't like lying to my mom (and the rest of you) about my WW weigh-in every week, and after nearly a month I just couldn't do it anymore.  So here's where I am in terms of physical fitness:

J and I found out we were expecting on July 2.  That was also my last WW "official" weigh-in (I got an unofficial weigh-in a couple weeks later when I dropped by to pick up a cookbook).  Apparently WW lawyers have advised them that allowing pregnant women to stay on the program is just inviting underweight baby lawsuits (or something like that; I'm guessing).  I guess that's fair, but I felt as if I'd been set adrift!  Anyhow, my last "pre-pregnancy" weight was 193.5.  Now, this was certainly vastly better than my weight six months prior, but is still considered 'overweight' (thank you, government determined BMI).  As an overweight person, I was advised to try not to gain any weight in the first trimester, and was told that it wouldn't be unusual to actually lose a little.  As it turned out, I did lose another five pounds or so, as my appetite tanked and I found it difficult to take in enough calories to both feed the parasite's rapid growth and maintain my weight.  In the last couple weeks of the first trimester, I found those pounds.  As my appetite returned and my exercise habits waned (err...went away altogether), the scale crept back up.  I finished the first trimester at about 193.  The second trimester is the hard part--I'm supposed to gain an average of one pound a week.  For a girl who has never tried to gain weight, this is a totally new (and kind of scary) place to find myself.  At my appointment yesterday (16 weeks, 1 day), I weighed 194.4.  I started walking regularly again last week (a mile or so every day; not the same regimen I'd been doing, but a more manageable routine for now), and feel better.  My next appointment is in four weeks, and I'll let you know how the weigh-in goes!


Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that modern gynecologists think they know everything, the plain truth is that women have been having babies for a very long time. Among the healthiest babies ever born were (and still are) to country women woh walk miles every day and do all sorts of other hard physical labor. Read Pearl S. Buck's "The Good Earth". What's bad for babies is expectant moms who pamper themselves excessively. My advice: Don't obsess over it. Exercise, watch your diet and eat a balanced, moderate amount of fresh, unprocessed food. Little Sarepta Alpharetta Rixceny Hiter Melton will be just fine.


Becky said...

I totally 2nd your dad! Except on the baby's name. Clark's got that one covered for you ;)

JE Melton said...

Did he remember his suggestion?

Becky said...

Oh, I haven't asked him again. Will have to do that and see what he says! (it's bound to be interesting...)