Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In the MP news

So.  Many of you have seen this already, but I know some of you haven't, and I would like to 'come out' across all of the technology platforms J and I use...

Surprise!  I've been keeping a secret for the last couple of months.  And y'all, that has been hard!  The considerable drop off in posting is directly related to that--unless I had a very specific post in mind, I was at a loss of what to say knowing I couldn't say the one thing at the forefront of my mind and most conversations around the MP!

It's such a relief to be through the first trimester (a far scarier time than it needed to be, I'm sure), and an even bigger relief to be 'out'!  I'll catch you up in the next few posts with all the details (what few we know at this point).  The most important (it seems, based on what people have asked in real life and on facebook) is the due date:  March 6.  Obviously that's just an estimate, but we've had the benefit of several ultrasounds at this point, and the Parasite (our term of endearment for the little guy...or girl) is measuring right along with that timeline. 

Another apparently important detail: no, we didn't steal that road sign.  Obviously the best case scenario would have been to find one of these in its 'natural habitat'.  Since we couldn't, we borrowed this one from a local road contractor.  Don't steal signs and blame us for it!

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