Friday, July 27, 2012

Fitness 500!

So this is VBS week at church/work and I've not spent nearly enough time near a computer.  As I commented to a dad yesterday, I totally underestimated the ability of 15 kids to wear. me. out.  Seriously.  I've been leaving work at 5:30, driving home, and crawling right into bed this week.  But, I had a super-exciting moment this morning on the scale that I wanted to share with y'all--

I officially weigh the least since purchasing our scale in Winter 2005-2006.  We entered our heights, weights, and other details into the scale, and every time I get on, it tells me how much my weight has gone up (or down) compared to that first weigh-in.  Today, for the first time, the scale showed a net loss.  So my "unofficial" weight is just under 190 (189.2).  That alone is exciting (for beating my last two attempts at weight loss), but is made doubly so by beating out that very first weigh-in.  

THEN.  (Yes, it gets more exciting!)  I pulled up the blog to share the exciting scale-related news and realized that this post (this very post that you're reading right now) is our 500th post here at the MP!  Crazy, right??  I feel almost bad for not realizing this milestone was approaching--some blogs would do something special for a special occasion like this.  Sadly, I'm too focused on VBS to even think clearly about a special giveaway to mark this one.  

So--reader involvement time--What do you think we should do to celebrate 500 posts??

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