Friday, July 13, 2012

Fitness Friday--July 13

Okay, so it's been three weeks awhile since I posted a Fitness Friday post.  In the past, that probably would have meant I'd fallen off the healthy living wagon and was too embarrassed to discuss it publicly.  Guess what?  That's not the case!  When I last posted I had lost a bit more than 28 pounds and was solidly in the 190's.  Now, nearly four weeks after that weigh-in, I've reached my "Summer" goal and am happily hanging out in the low 190's!  Getting past this threshold will be another long-term goal for me--to reach and to stay there for awhile without bouncing back up as I've done so many times before.  While schedules and such have prevented my Monday walks with B for the last few weeks, I have managed to squeeze in walks with J, as well as a dance class.

With regard to fiscal fitness, J and I have decided to put ourselves on our annual fall spending freeze a little early.  The goal for this year?  Keep personal discretionary spending (hobbies and meals out) to $75 a week each.  I reviewed our food spending for the first half of 2012 the other day, and lets just say we spend a lot of our budget there.  We start Monday, and I'll keep you posted!

How are you doing at working towards your summer time fitness goals?

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As time goes by, you'll continue to find that food takes up a LOT more budget than it used to. Or, so it seems, and it's okay, as long as the expenditure is for quality, and not necessarily for quantity.