Monday, July 16, 2012

Just another Manic Monday

I would love to have an exciting post about all the exciting things going on at the MP, but really, I don't.  J brought work home this weekend and I pretty much just vegged out. Don't get me wrong--that was awesome, just not exciting.  (During most of the year, a quiet weekend without plans is a fleeting dream, so that fact that I've had two in a row is not lost on me, and I'm making the most of it.)  I'm pretty sure that the most exciting thing that happened was me thinking to run the silverware container through the dishwasher (SO clean and white again!!).  
On tap today is a good walk, laundry, grocery shopping, gutter replacement company shopping, and a vestry meeting (work for me).  I'm so glad I enjoyed a quiet weekend, because today will be anything but!

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