Sunday, October 3, 2010

If you're happy and you know, clap your hands!

This post was actually started a couple of weeks ago, when my dad pointed out that I needed a happy blog post. I had called to share that my new front door had finally been installed, and he observed that we had finally done something to our house, rather than the house doing something to us! So, because I know you're wondering how the bathroom is going (fair warning, that will NOT be a happy post), I thought I better get this post up quickly!

You will remember that the front of our house was overtaken by huge, out of control, shrubs:

Which J ripped out in July/August, leaving us with a blank slate:

After much debate and research, we settled on the Dallas Blue variety of switchgrass, Royal Burgundy Barberry and monekygrass (no idea what variety--we got this out of my folks back yard). I spent many hours one afternoon a couple weeks ago with my mom planting the front yard, and a couple days later our new front door and storm door were installed. We are thrilled (as is our new addition for Halloween--Julius) with these low maintenance, bred to die back or just not get too big, plants! I'm not so thrilled with the allergy I developed to something I pulled up while planting them, but I've mostly recovered...

Still to do:
  • Paint the shutters black (We're considering replacing the louvered shutters with paneled shutters to match the door, but after driving around the neighborhood, we've decided that's an expense that we can put off for a while since everyone else who has upgraded to a paneled door has kept their louvered shutters)
  • Replace the doorbell (still ugly brass)
  • Replace the porch light (also still ugly brass)
  • Rehang the flag pole

Longterm things to do: Replace the mailbox/mailbox post and add a trellis for the rose plant immediately around the corner of the house next to the driveway

Despite everything Previous Owner and this house has done to us, my Dad was right--it's a good feeling to be proactive and do something to the house! I love pulling up outside and being greeted by our new front door and plantings, and I love locking the storm door (we bought one with a deadbolt!) and leaving the entry door open during the day. Even Zeppelin is getting used to seeing people walk by outside!

Stay tuned: We're trying to take ownership over the mess that is our main bathroom and take the fix to the next level with a nice little renovation while we're at it. True to form, house (and PO) aren't making it easy on us...

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Becky said...

When we were wakling the other day (you know, when we made all the dogs go crazy), mom said, "oh, look, that house got rid of those ugly bushes. Doesn't it look nice?". I was like, "yeah, it does look great. Oh, wait! That's J and JE's house!". It looks great :)