Tuesday, October 12, 2010

...above the fruited plain!

Note: These posts are cross-posted from another blog where I am blogging daily about my trip. I was slow to realize that non-KSDAR folks might be interested to learn more about my trip, or the DAR, so I am posting a couple a day until I catch up! Read about Day One of the trip here, and Day Two here, and Day Three here.

Day Four, October 11, 2010--Hindman Settlement School


Today, we came home to Kentucky and Hindman Settlement School! We started the day in Boone, NC (by singing “Happy Birthday to Us”—120 years of DAR, today!!) and then traveled back into Tennessee and up into Virginia before finally reaching the Kentucky state line. The ladies on both busses were welcomed to Kentucky with a kind message and chocolate basketballs! We also took a quiz about Loretta Lynn (The Vice President General from Kentucky and I could not participate to win, but I’m afraid my 60% would not have put me in the running, anyhow!) to get everyone in the Kentucky mood. By the way, the other Kentucky lady on the trip won the North Carolina welcome quiz about the Andy Griffith Show yesterday with a perfect score—who knew she had such affection for Mayberry?!

We arrived in Hindman to a wonderful Kentucky greeting! The State Regent and several state officers made the trip to Hindman, as well as our State Schools Chair and a large group of Daughters who rode the bus from Lexington! I heard several comments about the large number of Kentucky ladies, and about what a wonderful show of hospitality our Daughters put on—and this was before we received wonderful goody bags prepared by the KSDAR’s!

We had one of the famously delicious Hindman meals, followed by a program that included Knott County students singing traditional mountain songs and sharing stories they have learned from their family members. We had nearly three hours to tour the grounds, including stops at the Chapel in the Trees, Uncle Solomon Everidge’s cabin, the Knott County Library (where several of the artisans who create for Hindman were on hand to discuss their craft), the James Still Learning Center (where we learned more about the Dyslexia programs offered at Hindman and in the local schools), and the Marie Stewart Gift Shop. Believe me, it was hard to fit it all in!

After our busy afternoon, we headed back to the May Stone Building for what I like to think of as Thanksgiving Dinner (Happy Turkey Day, Canada!) and a presentation of Crossing Mountains, the story of the Hindman Settlement School presented by Looking for Lillith Theatre Company. What a fabulous production!! I think the best part was when Lois Combs Weinberg slipped into the back mostly unnoticed. I later learned that she had not seen the production before, but she was clearly pleased with the result, and the actresses were so excited to see her when they came off stage.

We are staying in Hazard tonight, and we depart early tomorrow morning for Alabama. Tomorrow will be spent entirely on the road, so I expect to see some great scenery!

Title: America, the Beautiful

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