Monday, December 3, 2012

Another library progress report...

I would imagine that when I shared last week about my trip to the "laminate-yard" that you imagined it would be weeks before it I would be back with an update.  That's kind of the rate of progress around here.  Apparently, that's far from the rate of progress for the guy I worked with there.  He called Tuesday with a quote, I called back Wednesday with a laminate choice, he came out Thursday to measure, and then called me Saturday to let me know he was ready to install.  If you think my head was spinning, you're right!  Luckily, J was working from home Saturday afternoon and was able to assist with clearing that end of the room and carrying in the new counter.  It's about as close to perfect as I could have hoped for material choice!

While here, the fabricator/installer went ahead and installed the base cabinets, screwing them together and to the wall.  He also made some oak pieces to help us attach the bookshelves to the wall when we're ready. I think J was relieved when he suggested we wait a week or so to put those on top of the counter.

So what's left?

  • Attach the doors (the dark piece you see in the bottom of each cabinet)
  • Come up with some sort of interior shelving for each cabinet
  • Finish the bookshelves
  • Place the bookshelves on the counter-top (and attach to the wall for safety)
  • Add hardware?
  • Find a chair/stool for the desk space we created between the cabinets

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