Friday, December 14, 2012

Fitness Friday--December 13

Yikes!  A whole week without a post!  And really, what an insanely busy week it has been. 'Tis the season and everything...

So a brief fitness Friday update for y'all--

I'm not walking nearly as much as I should, but am doing moderately well with slow and steady weight gain, which seems to be good for the parasite.  I have my gestational diabetes test this afternoon--cross your fingers!

J is also on the fitness bandwagon, and I am so insanely proud of him.  He decided to join Weight Watchers about a month ago.  While he is doing the online version (no meetings and you do your own weigh-in), it's been a really good experience for him.  I like, too, how the online version really does emphasize the 'eat less, move more' mantra.  He's wearing my WW pedometer and every evening enters his steps (except when I beat him to it!).  Just over a month in, he is *thisclose* to losing his first 5%!  I keep thinking we need to come up with a great reward for his 10%, since he obviously won't get the keychain that motivated me so well!

The busy week continues with a long day today and lots of meetings and Christmas parties this weekend, so I doubt I'll get another post up before Tuesday when I'll be back with a post about making columns for the church Christmas Pageant.  Hopefully it will be a great post with a super-useful tutorial, rather than a post about failing columns...

Happy weekend!

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Anonymous said...

What sort of columns? Do you remember everything that you learned about the classical orders of architecture?