Monday, February 4, 2013

An amazingly productive weekend...

After a few weeks of busy weekends and long work days for J, we actually managed to put together a pretty productive weekend at the MP!  Don't get me wrong, J actually worked all weekend, too, but he worked from home and I managed to squeeze in a few projects for him.

So in bullets to keep this short(er):

  • We bought lots of paint and painting supplies
  • I bought the supplies to build a new mailbox post (Why? See the pic below to see what it currently looks like thanks to some random stranger.  Re-doing the mailbox was on my list for 2013, so I guess they did us a favor.  I'm waiting on a wood corbel I ordered online to arrive before getting to work on this project.  The local post office is kindly holding our mail for pickup there while we sort this one out...)

  • Prepped the nursery for painting
  • Welcomed two good friends over for an afternoon of painting and painted the walls of the nursery (and much of the ceiling)  (I'll post a pic later today when I have a chance to get one in good daylight, but you can see a hint of it below!)
Standing at the window looking towards the door, this is the left side of the room. 

And then this is the right side of the room.  The walls and ceiling are the same color.
Obviously still need to paint the trim...
  • We put the crib together and discovered that much of the furniture actually matches!  (Yes, I know we could have gone out and bought a set of nursery furniture that all matched from the get-go, but I prefer to collect things so matching is kind of a nice surprise!)
  • I finished painting the nursery ceiling
  • J got the second (final?) coat of poly on one of our library bookshelves
There is MUCH left to be done around the MP to get ready for the baby girl's arrival in a month or so, but we're thrilled to have a productive weekend under our belts!

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