Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Goals

Okay, so I'm finally getting some goals posted for the MP this year.  If they sound a little repetitive, well, they are.  I'm nothing if not dedicated to accomplishing goals, even if it takes years of talking about them to make them happen...

Inside the house:

  • Get the library all put together
  • Clear the pool table out of the family room and create kid-world
  • Create a nursery
  • Maybe do a little work to the living room (like tear down a wall!)

Outside the house:

  • New deck!
  • Move the storage building to a less in-the-way spot in the yard
  • Planting bed out front
  • New mailbox
Our word for 2013:  Patience
  • First, we figure these last two months of waiting for our baby girl will certainly require some patience, particularly at the end as we balance impatience with a desire to let her 'bake' as long as she needs.
  • Second, J needs a healthy helping of patience to survive two more months of me with 'pregnancy brain'.
  • Finally, and perhaps most obviously, as we enter the world of parenthood, we know that a reminder to ourselves to be patient--with the little one, with ourselves, with each other, and with well-meaning family and friends--will be much needed.
So there you go--our Melton Point goals for 2013!  Check back in a year or so to see how we do!

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