Thursday, November 5, 2009

Giddy Up, Giddy Up, Giddy Up, Let's Go

I've been writing and re-writing blog posts in my head for about three weeks now, and as it happens, these posts I write in my head don't post to the blog for you all to read. Since this is the case, and since you've no idea what I have been writing in my head, I thought I'd bring you up to speed.

Three weeks ago, J's folks came to visit for the weekend. They hadn't been up in several months and one of the first things they noticed was our leaky bathroom sink. The sink has been leaking for a while, and had gotten worse in the last month. When the leaking started, I told myself that we'd reno the bathroom soon, and that it made little sense to tear apart a faucet that was going to be trashed soon. Well, weeks turned into months and spring turned into fall, and I now have a non-leaky faucet in my same old bathroom. Many thanks to J's parents for motivating me to get beyond the picture in my head to a lower water bill (I assume; haven't actually checked it), and many more to his dad for tightening up all of the joints under the sink that sprung leaks after I started messing with the faucet. Oh, and thank you, too, for the clock that is now hanging in our family room--had I managed to write this post after you guys left, it would have been titled "Time, time tickin’ tickin’ tickin’ (tickin’ away)" courtesy Don Henley.

Two weeks ago, I had a DAR weekend that my mom came up for. After our DAR meetings were done, she came to Lexington to finish out the weekend to help me gain a bit of control over my study/craft room. We spent a half a dozen hours upstairs cleaning, sorting, and sifting our way through the room. There is still quite a bit of work to do to reach the level of organization I'd like to see, but I'm pleased with the progress.

Last weekend, we ran our second 5K--the Black Cat Chase in Frankfort. Neither of us trained very much for this race, but we took a different approach to finishing it (intervals of walking/running) and actually completed the race in less time than the Mid-Summer Night's Run back in August. We're looking at a race in December, and possible tackling a 5 miler in Owensboro in November. We'll see.

After the race Friday night, we managed to improve on our weekend with a trip to Keeneland to close out the fall meet on Saturday with our friends Ryan and Leanna, and then enjoyed visiting with the Trick or Treaters who came by Saturday night. While I've been to Keeneland before, on this trip J scored tickets to the Lexington Room, which included a buffet luncheon of roast beef and corned beef, pasta, salads, yummy potatoes and excellent cheesecake, and fabulous seats directly in front of the finish line. All this inside a warm room with a waiter to bring us warm drinks and a betting window a few feet away. I've decided that Keeneland in the Lexington Room is way better than Keeneland with general admission tickets. J may regret this.

(I've posted a couple of pictures below. For more, including "J and JE get political" check out Ryan's blog.)

After Keeneland, we sped home to get ready for the Trick or Treaters before the appointed time of their arrival. The ghosts I made a few years ago with my nephew went out, along with our pumpkin. Then, in the last few minutes before the kiddos came knocking, I decided I had time to re-create a Martha Stewart decoration I spotted a few years ago. Presenting...our storm door silhouette of a scary tree. As you might guess, I'm pretty proud.
This weekend, we're hopefully playing it low key, as I have a big dinner I'm planning at work (scheduled for Tuesday) that is keeping me pretty tightly wired these days.
Have a great weekend of your own and hopefully I'll figure out a way to get my posts out of my head a little more frequently!
Title: Sleigh Ride

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