Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig

J and I arrived back in Kentucky this afternoon, after an incredibly uneventful flight. In fact, the most eventful part was that I was able to read a magazine during the last twenty minutes or so.

Those who've flown with me in the last few years know I developed a fear of flying (and really anything involving heights that I don't have a feeling of control over) almost five years ago (no real reason, other than terribly turbulence on a flight), and I've not been able to even read a magazine in-flight in quite some time. So that I was able to enjoy SkyMall and not crush J's hand in the process was great progress for me. Yay for smooth flying!

As for the rest of our evening, I started to take down my Thanksgiving decor, and we brought up our Christmas tree from the basement (my first 'grown up' tree!) and made sure all the lights work. I'll try to get a wrap-up post with the rest of our trip posted tomorrow. In the mean time, scroll down and enjoy the pictures I added to last night's post!

Title: To Market, To Market nursery rhyme (that counts as a song, right?)

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