Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stand by me

Just a quick post (with a picture! I know you've been starting to wonder if I'd lost my camera) to show off the TV stand we bought and put together last night. As you know, we set up our 'new' tv on our card table last fall. By Christmas, we were debating how it would look to stick a 2 x 4 under the sagging middle (we didn't), then we spent a couple of unsuccessful weekends searching for an entertainment center/tv stand. By the time the basement flooded a couple of weeks ago and all of our electronics were displaced, I had been ready to give up on a sturdy option. As we prepared to put everything back together this week, I realized that if we put the card table back up, we might never find another tv stand. Luckily, J agreed that we should do a little shopping first. Feast your eyes on our much more supportive tv stand from Target. Not necessarily a permanent solution for this room, but definitely one I can live with!

In other news, J and I managed to 'just say no' to the resort folks, and happily collected a new golf club and visa gift card. We also enjoyed a couple of beautiful days driving the back roads of Kentucky with the top down, which made for a great weekend away. Next up on our agenda is the second Thin Mint Sprint (this one in Corbin) this weekend and a new backyard fence in the next couple of weeks.

Title: "Stand By Me" by The Temptations

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