Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Well, I had hoped to have the "after" pictures for you, but we're just not there yet. And for that matter, "in progress" pictures look a lot like what you've already seen, so I'm not going to post more. We've still got to do a coat of poly and install, but we cleared out the library so installation *should* be a pretty easy process. Hopefully we'll have pictures for you by the end of the week!

And what else did we do this weekend? Well, I finally put out our St. Patrick's Day decorations (see pics below) and shipped my neice's birthday present. E's four this year and has a nasty bruise on her noise from a spill she took a little over a week ago (clearly, she takes after her auntie when it comes to being graceful!). I'm hoping the pretty packaging brings a smile to her face (or at least the the presents inside do!).
Have a great week, and check back for an update (and hopefully those "after" pics) later this week!

Title: Shake, Rattle and Roll, witten by Charles Calhoun (most famously recorded by Elvis Presley)

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