Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hungry Like the Wolf

J and I belong to a group of couples who get together once a month for food, drink, and games (usually board games, but cards and video game make a periodic appearance, as well). Last night we hosted the group, for the first time, at our house.

Ever the Martha Stewart wannabe, I promised heavy appetizers for all in an email last week, and then promptly came down with the virus that plagued J last week. On Friday night, I remembered my promise and assured J that I would come up with something. Lucky for me, he stepped in and hit the Food Network website for some recipes and offered to do the grocery shopping as well!

So we spent a few hours in the kitchen and put together a pretty nice spread (clockwise from top: cheese and crackers, brought by Tom & Shannon; a veggie tray; roast pork loin on toast; tomato & bacon cups; veggie pizza; salmon & dill cream cheese on toast; and sushi, brought by Keri & Doug). Recipes for all are available on request; Chef J not included!

In addition to the appetizers, we were celebrating two birthdays: Shannon's was on Saturday and I'll be adding another year on Tuesday. To celebrate, I bought cupcakes from Magee's Bakery downtown and made my own embellishments by melting down some white chocolate morsels and piping out a few cute (and even holiday appropriate) shapes.

It wasn't all food; we also played the new edition of Trivial Pursuit (meh.) and several rounds of Rock Band. J was quite the Band Leader and in the end, we weren't too bad at it.

Hoping to get back to those cabinets later this week, and I have some great pictures of the ice damage in Western Kentucky to post, as well. Stay tuned dear readers!

Title: Hungry Like the Wolf, by Duran Duran


Rachel said...

I LOVE the chocolate shamrocks--what a cute idea! The appetizers look yummy, too. What exactly are the tomato and bacon cups?

Leanna said...

What a beautiful spread of food. When I first saw the picture I thought maybe J made the sushi too. That would be amazing.