Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can we build it? Yes, we can!

Over the last few weeks, I've been slowly bringing order to J's office/our library downstairs. Unfortunately, the more I cleaned, the more I realized that we desperately need built-ins along one wall to corral our games, books, and J's electronics. I drew up the plans for the built-ins a couple of years ago, but we've not had the time or confidence to tackle that project.

So, as I've been cleaning and organizing this time, I realized that we could compromise on the built-ins and start with pre-made cabinetry. I made a quick trip to Home Depot on my lunch break last week, priced it all out, and proceeded to convince J this was a good idea. (That took another trip to HD, as well as calls to both dads and a grandfather, but he eventually got on board!)

Our unfinished oak cabinets were delivered Saturday morning, and since then we've been tackling the project of finishing them a day at a time. I've attached a couple of pictures below. Stay tuned--I have us on a two week time-line to get this complete, so as the look changes I'll add new pictures!

Saturday night, after we added the end pieces to the cabinet ends that will be visible and sealed all surfaces that will be in contact with the floor or drywall--the library is finished, but we didn't want to take a risk that water won't work its way in somehow.

Monday night. I spent all afternoon/evening Sunday sanding everything down so that we could get a first coat of stain down after work on Monday. By the way, you may wonder why the interior of the cabinet is a different color--it's because Home Depot's unfinished cabinets are lined with a laminate material that won't stain. A little frustrating, but we'll live with it.

The next steps are another coat of stain and poly, so I probably will not post pictures again until this weekend when we start to install everything.

Title: Bob the Builder theme song


Samantha said...

Well, la te da! I am so glad that your confidence level has increased enough to tackle such a project. Let me know if you need some hardware. We do offer a family discount. He he he

Jon said...

You guys are Bob the Builder fans...???

(I worked at a summer camp that used a lot of Bob the Builder materials... just for the record)