Monday, October 22, 2012

Around the MP

Happy Monday!

I promised to give an MP garden update today, and I've actually been thinking about writing a general MP update, too.

First, the garden!  Back in May when we planted the garden, we had great hopes for our garden.  Those hopes were half-fulfilled.  The bad news is that this was not a great year for tomatoes.  Not only did the first two plants not make it, we tried and failed with another five plants later in the summer.  Friends with successful tomatoes this summer told me that they only did well with the earliest plants (like, back in April).  That made me feel a little better...

Now, our second container was incredibly successful.  The basil bush (yes, bush!) has provided (and still is) months of pesto, fresh basil, dried basil, etc.  The pepper plants continue to produce peppers, and the other herbs are holding their own, too.

In other MP news, my dad asked the other day what we'd done around the house this year.  Um...  The only thing that came to mind is the new gutters/trim work around the house.  But that just happened, and I felt awful thinking that was it!  So, I scrolled back through our MP Mondays posts from this year (there aren't many, and it didn't take long...).  On the list of things we've accomplished outside this year:

  • New gutters!  (longtime readers know this was a longtime project around here!)
  • Wrapped the wood trim in vinyl to match the gutters
  • Painted shutters and back door black
  • Had the phone line into the house cut down and the cable line moved to a less unsightly point
  • Added lights to the back deck
We've not done nearly as much inside, though I did make the headboard for our bedroom and add storage to my craft room upstairs.

I figure the reason I couldn't think of most of these things has something to do with the fact that most of them happened before our biggest project of the year--gestating a baby!

So that's what we've been up to this year.  With only two months to go, I'm not sure what other projects are going to be crossed off our list.  You can be sure I'll let you know!


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