Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday--August 2

Happy Thursday!  Happy New Month (well, technically that was yesterday...but it's still a new-ish month, right??)!
You know the best thing about August?  (Try to keep up--this gets a little convoluted...)
The football pre-season starts this month.
You know why that's so awesome?
Because it comes right before the football season.
Why is that so awesome?
BECAUSE FOOTBALL SEASON MEANS FALL!!!!  And of course all of the wonderful things that come with fall--autumn nights, pumpkins, cooler temps, long-sleeves and sweaters on crisp nights, trips to the pumpkin patch and corn maze, burning leaves, family.

So this week, this month, I'm thankful for the change in seasons, and the reminder that this change happens every day, and that the change toward my very favorite season is happening right now.

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Becky said...

do you know what your Thankful Thursday posts usually remind me that I'm thankful for? You and my other friends. I do love fall, though...