Saturday, February 14, 2009

My funny Valentine

Ack! How on earth did I let two weeks go by without a post? Of course, more than half of that time was spent in mad-dash preparations for Children's Advocacy Day, a day where GSKWRC (well, two other staff members and I) took 24 middle- and high-school girls to Frankfort for a day. Time, the weather, and a million other elements conspired against me, but we perservered and had a great day on Thursday. On Friday, I managed to put together a decent mailbox for our office Valentine's party (thank goodness I made those valentines a couple of weeks ago!), then came home and crashed!

Today, my sweet valentine treated me to a heart themed breakfast, a trip to the Athens Schoolhouse Antique Show and a fabulous dinner. Pictures of breaskfast and dinner (and a shot of how I spent my pre-dinner hour--yes, I was drinking wine and reading blogs while he slaved over salad, homemade dressing, steak, and my favorite mashed potatoes) are below.

I've not taken a picture yet of my Valentine's present, a cast iron fireplace insert, which fits almost perfecty inside our mantel. A little more work and I'll have that part of our living room complete!

Title: My Funny Valentine, by Frank Sinatra


Anonymous said...

Jean, I am glad you have such a wonderful husband. Sounds like you enjoyed plenty Valentine's bliss. However, I am most excited about the decor above your buffett. I noticed it while admiring your wine. Looks like you took some of my suggestions on the decor. It totally rocks. Guess I've just missed it in other pics. Anyway, Congrats on another Valentine's Day.

JE Melton said...

It was a great idea, Suz, and it took forever, but I finally found the right plate racks for that space. Thanks for suggesting it! Also, I meant to give you a shout-out in the post--I was drinking the wine you gave us for Christmas--so good!! Hope y'all made it up to the farm show!