Tuesday, January 27, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

Well, we woke some to a bit of snow and a lot of ice, and I am enjoying a snow day at home (J, of course, didn't get a snow day and is at work). Since I'm enjoying a little down time, I though I would share a few pictures that have been piling up and waiting to be shared--certainly a few of my favorite things!

First up, my cousin Charlie. Charlie is my cousin L's little boy and he is adorable. In this picture, he's practicing fencing. Or maybe he'll grow up to be in the next remake of Psycho. Either way, it's a cute picture.

Next, I wanted to share pictures of the dine-in part of our kitchen. I've discussed hanging these plates over our server for a year now, and finally accomplished the job during my Christmas break. I also hung the shutters on the right. I found these at an antique shop last fall and am really pleased with the way they complete the corner. At some point, I think I'll add pictures to them with binder clips.

Finally, a couple of pictures of our back yard as it looks today. I took Zeppelin out for the express purpose of getting some pictures, but he didn't care for the ice, so I didn't get many good shots. Every other step or so, he would break through a bit, and it seemed to unnerve him.

Anyhow, enjoy and Stay Warm!!

Title: My Favorite Things, from the Sound of Music

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