Friday, January 2, 2009

Hangin' Tough

So despite the cold, I did manage to get some pictures framed and hung this week. At left, above, is the framed invitation the Girls (from Murray) gave us for our wedding. I found matching frames at Hobby Lobby and had them frame our wedding picture and the benediction from our wedding (my first anniversary "paper" gift from J) to match. Funny how framing wedding pictures made me feel more the ring and paying each other's bills for the last year wasn't enough.
Putting these pictures up required moving the watercolor my Aunt gave us of the 'fairy tale' version of our wedding day, so I moved it to hang over the blanket rack in our family room. We're slowly making that room look a little more 'real'.
Finally, my Dad had one of our wedding pictures blown up to poster size at a school conference he attended last fall, so I bought a poster frame for it and put it in our stair well. My goal is to put a photographic family tree on that wall (Won't that be pretty when viewed from the living room? What, there's a wall in the way--see wood at left? Maybe you should encourage my husband to let me tear that down...), and this seems like a great way to start it! On that note, if you have pictures of J's or my parents, grandparents, great-grand... (you get the picture) and are willing to share prints or negatives, please leave me a comment!

Title: Hangin' Tough, by New Kids on the Block.

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