Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Well, we've survived almost all of Hallothankmas Eve here at the Melton Point, with just New Years to go (and thanks to J's work schedule lately, I think that will come and go with little notice!). We had a great trip down to western KY to vist our folks and ended up with several 'out of the mouths of babes' moments to share. (Note to all of my sisters-in-law--children have not been left out for any particular reason; we love them all!)

First, I've got to share about J's oldest nephew, who we learned has decided he would like to be a puppy dog. Apparently, he's had enough of this 'human being' thing. Not a bad idea, actually...

Second up, my own nephew, who lived in Kuwait for a year before moving to Georgia this summer. This nephew and his little sister lived in Lexington for a year prior to moving to Kuwait and I used to see them quite a bit. As it has been about a year and a half since I last saw these guys, I was a bit aprehensive. It turned out to be the correct emotion as my dear nephew walked up to me and immediately asked if I was pregnant. (Now, we've discussed kids on this blog before, and I'm sure you all agree with J and I that the world is not ready for mini-meez, so we all know that the response is in the negative--my darling husband and I have just gained, ahem, several pounds since the wedding.) I decided that honesty, being the best policy, would suffice and replied, "No, I'm just fat." (You know, it sounded better when Eva Longoria said it.) Dear nephew responded, "Oh. You used to be skinnier." (No kidding. Thanks for noticing.) Needless to say, I'll be back at the gym this week, and probably calling up Jenny Craig, too.

My neice, who happens to be young enough to not notice such things as her Auntie's weight (or at least is too polite to mention it), gave me her own scare on this vacation. I woke up the second night of our stay to the sound of a little voice calling for "Mommy". After some time of calling with no answer, she got up and walked out of her room (I know this because I listened carefully to the thump of her little bed as she got up, the creak of the door hinges as she opened her door and the pitter-patter of her little feet as she wandered down the hall.). After the sound of her walking around was not joined by the sound of her parents, I began to wonder exactly where she was going. Now, again, we don't spend a lot of nights with little ones around, so I really have no idea what kind of trouble a toddler can get herself into. I do know, though, that the ones who end up on the news generally wander outside to play frogger in busy streets or to fall down open wells. With my anxiety in full-blown effect, I quickly jumped up and stepped into the hallway to 'rescue' my neice, who was standing in full Cindy-Lou Who fashion, hands behind her back, staring at the door to my brother's bedroom. Turns out my intrepid sibling and his wife sleep with earplugs (that's one to put away for future use) and hadn't heard the little one at all.

Last story isn't so much about what one said, but rather what one did. J has a pretty creative neice who ended up being the subject of an oft-told story this Christmas, and I decided it was worth telling one more time. C, who is seven, visited an exhibit of bugs made of sticks, twigs and other lumber earlier this fall at her community's botanical garden. Inspired by the exhibit, and by her art teacher, she made her own bug (a wooly worm) out of recycled materials. The art teacher was so impressed, she entered the bug in a Crayola contest. C's bug went on to win 9th place in this nation-wide contest and will be featured in a book to be published sometime in 2009. If I can get my hands on a picture, I'll be sure to share!

That's it for today, though stay tuned for posts with more pictures! J's folks were kind enough to give me a digital camera for Christmas, which I'll be able to keep on hand to snap as the mood strikes, rather than planning ahead as I have been!

Title: Happy Holidays, by Bing Crosby

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Anonymous said...

Parents of small children wearing earplugs at night?

Um. Doesn't that spell "future news story at eleven in the making?"