Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Seven Months

Kate is seven months old today! She is (unofficially) 27.5" long and 17 pounds. 

You'll note she is standing up in this picture.  I didn't do that.  Our little nugget is particularly mobile, now able to roll, sit herself upright, crawl and pull herself to standing (it was a busy month in terms of movement milestones!).  She is working on cruising--stepping sideways while holding onto furniture or the side of her pack n play.  

Kate likes to babble and is quite conversational.  She also loves eating and is quite the social eater! She is a very curious child, which seems to have something to do with both her early mobility and interest in eating.  She is still exclusively breast fed for nutrition--food is just for fun (and to ease teething pain which we have faced a fair bit of--Kate's first two teeth popped through her lower gums this month!). 

We still love her cloth diapers, too, though adding solid food to her diet has certainly made them more interesting.

Kate's favorite toys still include Sophie the giraffe, Lambie the Lord's Prayer lamb, and Murray the sock monkey. She also likes her collection of board books which she particularly enjoys gnawing on and a set of magnets that we call her chemistry set after Fr. Johnnie stayed with her one day and taught her how to make molecules with them!

Here is our progression picture--months one through three are on top and four through six are on the bottom.

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Becky said...

The 7th month pic cracks me up!!!! Love that baby girl :)