Monday, August 19, 2013

Productive Weekend

The one thing I love most about summer is the empty weekends.  The activities that keep us busy throughout the year tend to take summers off, which leads to quiet and unscheduled weekends like this most recent one.  This one in particular started off when J got home from work and practically tripped over the extension cord and drill that I'd strategically left right in the path from the front door through the living room.  Turns out, as handy as I like to think I am, I simply don't have the muscle power to wield the big drill while simultaneously holding a screw and a mailbox number plaque.  So he changed clothes and ran out front to install our numbers--the last step to calling that project complete!

Then, after he cooked me dinner, I convinced the poor guy to accompany me to Home Depot to look at flooring options for the kitchen (lucky him, I know!).  We came home with a bunch of samples and started crafting our weekend to-do list.  Chief on the list?

My clothesline!  When we started talking about adding a pergola to the deck plan, I got excited about adding a retractable clothesline to make it easier to sun Kate's cloth diapers (among other things).  We bought a 50' line that easily wraps all the way around the pergola when we need that much line, then conveniently coils away (and even comes down completely if we want) when we don't!

The rest of the weekend included a shopping trip to Sam's, prepping the week's lunches, baking cookies and muffins, walks and watching movies.  Oh, and a fair amount of staring at this little angel, seen here snoozing through church.

In all, a rather productive and especially enjoyable weekend.

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